Sunday, March 24, 2013

Religious Thought 170

It is both near and far, both within and without every creature; it moves and is unmoving. In its subtlety it is beyond comprehension. It is invisible, yet appears divided in separate creatures. Know it to be the creator, the preserver, and the destroyer. Dwelling in every heart, it is beyond darkness. It is called the light of the lights, the object and goal of knowledge, and knowledge itself.
- Bhagavad Gita 13:15-17

When there is grasping, the grasper Comes into existence. If he did not grasp, Then being freed, he would not come into existence.
- Nagarjuna, "Mulamadhyamaka-Karika"

Both infidelity and faith upon his path run apace, united in their praise confess that "He is One without likeness."
- Sanai: "Hadiqat al-haqiqa"

We shall have all eternity in which to celebrate our victories, but we have only one swift hour before the sunset in which to win them.
- Robert Moffat

True divine religion needs neither arms nor fingers for its use; it is all spirit and heart.
- Moses Mendelssohn

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