Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Religious Thought 148

If you desire the world, You may try to renounce it In order to escape sorrow. Instead, renounce desire! Then you will be free of sorrow, And the world will not trouble you.
- Ashtavakra Gita 16:9

Abandoning false speech, he abstains from false speech; he speaks truth, adheres to truth, is trustworthy and reliable, one who is no deceiver of the world.
- Majjhima Nikaya

When we are ignorant we live in His prison; when we become prudent we live in His palace; when we fall asleep we become intoxicated; when we are awakened we are in His hands.
- Rumi

One dream role is Jesus. The other dream role is just the opposite, somebody very dark who is searching for the light within themselves. Because it's always about finding that light. And the light is goodness.
Blair Underwood

Neglect not to visit and treat the poor; there is no nobler work.
- Israeli, Manhig HaRofim

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